Tuesday, 28 December 2010

This blog is to "commemorate" the fact that Irwin Mitchell solicitors
(address below) are fraudsters. In particular, they falsely claim that
Hilary Clifford who used to work in UFI is their client, even though
she has never been their client and never instructed any of their solicitors.
They did it in several Court cases, the most important one the High
Court case CO/10576/2006.
If you know Hilary Clifford who used to work in UFI Ltd, and later
worked in Reed in Partnership and ERSA, please tell her that and help
me convince her to state that she is not their client (she declined
to do it until now).
Specific names:
No solicitor from Irwin Mitchell ever claimed to be instructed
by Hilary Clifford. Instead they claim that "Irwin Mitchell" (the firm)
represent her.
Alex Hall Taylor  - a fraudster.
    He is a barrister who represented Irwin Mitchell Solicitors in all of
    these cases, and repeatedly claim that he represents Hilary Clifford
   and that she is his client. He clearly knew that she is not their client.
   He refused to reveal which solicitor instructed him on behalf on
   Hilary Clifford.
Anthony Brown  - a fraudster
     A solicitor from another firm that acted as solicitor for Irwin Mitchell.
     He initially claimed to represent Hilary Clifford, but after the last hearing
     took it back. He gave a name of a person "who is instructed by Hilary
     Clifford", Claire Foster, but she is not a solicitor.
Claire Foster  - accessory to crime
   Irwin Mitchell claimed that she was instructed by Hilary Clifford. She
   never answered my letters, and never write any letter to the courts or to
   me. Thus her crime is just not revealing the fraud, rather than actually
   taking part in it.
Danny Revitt  - Fraudster.
   A partner in Irwin Mitchell. Wrote letters to the courts and to me claiming
   that Irwin Mitchell represent Hilary Clifford.
I have tons of evidence to prove it, but cannot find any authority that
will look at it. The police don't think it is their business, and told
me to talk to the Law Society. In the Law Society it is the Solicitors
Regulation Authority (SRA) that is responsible for that. They simply
decline to look at the evidence. The Serious Fraud Office did
not reply when I sent them a complaint.
If you want more details, or to see the evidence, or can help in
anyway please email me on yeh@maldoo.com
Address of the solicitors: 
Irwin Mitchell Solicitors
Riverside East
2 Millsands
S3 8DT
Tel: 0870 1500 100
Fax: 0114 272 6696
Direct Dial: 0114 294 7903
Direct Fax: 0870 197 3516